Friday, February 13

Run, don't walk, to your nearest Borders store... (The unscrambled version)

So I walked into borders the other day and there was a big rack of books labeled 90% off!  I went giddy all over and immediately went to work--shopping that is--serious business, these sales are.  Wedged between some blank journals and the Hello Kitty collection was this Personal Organizing Workbook.  Fast forward five minutes and all I have to say is, she came, she saw, she conquered. 

A favorite page of mine.  Get this--it's a picture of the yard sale I'm supposed to be having if I really was taking the advice from the book to heart.  Are you kidding me?!?  I want to GO to this yard sale!  The woman selling this fabulous stuff is clearly cousin to the insane bookseller who marked this remarkable book 90% off.

I LOVE this page.  Everything--the white trim, the ivory walls, the sweet little hooks, the pink peonies in their ceramic vase, the letters in the ironstone platter on the white bamboo table--they all speak to me.  They are whispering, "Dark is bad, very bad.  What you need is white.  Go to the light, Michelle..."

What can I say?  Sigh...

It's official, I have closet envy.  Who on earth has closets that look like this?  (Not counting you, Tana).  Whoever she is, I hate her.


Beck Family said...

Hello There,
Love the blog, I'm with you on the whole closet envy. Only in my dreams! Hawaii looks oh so warm, I think my body temp acually rises when I look at your blog, so for that I thankyou! So two months away,only four left to play, or have you decided to take up permanent residency. Wouldn't blame ya if you did, but you wouldn't do that to all of us would you know:)? Have a good week.

Idaho Sutters said...

Hi Michelle,
Stephanie told me she talked to you today! I'm so jealous! And she told me about your I can stalk your life in Hawaii. I hope you guys are well. We see your dad a lot and he says you are all doing great! The pictures look fabulous. I'm sure you are all living life up big there. Oh, and I love the baggage picture.

So, I'll be watching you... : )

sariah said...

Hi Michelle,
Just wondered what you're up to! Are you having too much fun to stay inside with a computer? :-) I keep meaning to call you but the Verizon phone is with Joel all day and when he gets home I get too busy.
Have a good day!