Monday, November 29

Creative diversion...frum me to you...

I've been missing my Senecca.
So after wallowing in the testosterone-infused man-cave for the last two months, 
I decided it was time for a little creative diversion to take my mind off her absence.
And since my favorite thing in the whole world is to give gifts, 
and her favorite thing is to get gifts...
my little "care package" project worked out for both of us.

I thought it should include something distinctly "mom" about it. 
And in our home, that means art, food, or both.

So I started by making a word garland for her, using items that I had laying around my studio, er, dresser, like scraps of fabric, ribbon, buttons, paper and string.

I found this great quote a while ago and decided it would be perfect.

 "Art washes from the soul, the dust of everyday life."

Sweet sentiment, no?

Her care package included the quote garland, a felt brush holder for her paintbrushes, and a set of notecards so that she would have no excuse to not write to me...

...and my favorite part:

shells "frum" Stocky to his big sister...

 (We love our phonetic spellers around here.)

 ... then I remembered that I wanted to send her a cd of family photos
 that we had taken this summer, so I added that too.

Once it was all together, in it went. 
 Box, tissue, then off to the post office.

Oh yes, and some jam-filled cookies that I burned especially for her.

Sorry, no photo. They were tasty, not pretty.


That was fun.

Who's next?

Saturday, November 27

Why I don't scrapbook...

Senecca's going away-to-college party took place back in September.
It's now November.


Three months behind...

 Marjorie Pay Hinckley once said, "I made a resolution to read my scriptures every day...I'm on day four and I'm only 3 days behind!"

We would have been good friends, Marjorie and I.

Meg, who is also attending BYUH was in attendance. As was Lisa, our Cafe des Amis lunch partner.

The girls' party favors.

Almost good enough to eat.

Meet Allison.
Senecca's roomy from last summer.
They have the funniest rat story EVER that I will share with you all someday.

For now, I'll share these beautiful flowers...and that handsome man in the background...with you instead.

And someday when I grow up and become responsible...

 I'm gonna be a scrapbooker.