Friday, May 20

Favorite surf shots of the week...

All shots taken at Honolua Bay, Maui

Monday, May 16

Safety equipment not optional...

I've been meaning to post a blog entry about why I have been absent so long.
I mean, I know you're still admiring my amazing quilt top from my last post, but really...3 weeks?
Even I know it's not that cute.

So, here's my excuse:
(Viewer discretion advised.)

(I'm sorry if these made you gag.
They made me gag.
I would show you the roadrash on my fanny but then I think you would never read my blog again.)

So there you have it.
I broke my wrist...with a side of roadrash.
Which I think is a pretty darn good excuse for not blogging.
Ever tried to type with a broken wrist?
Not easy.

In case you're wondering, here's how it happened:
A couple Fridays ago I went out to try a new sport my family has taken up.
It's called carve boarding.
(And no, that's not me on the board, it's my uber-talented friend, Jenn, who also happens to be coordinated).
Unlike me.
So off us girls went (Jenn, Roxy, and I) to a paved road that is gated and has grass on both sides.
The perfect place to learn...or so I thought.
The road also has large stone light posts every 20 yards or so and if you get going to fast, which I did, and your board gets speed wobbles, which mine did, it quickly turns into a giant asphalt slalom hill.

I don't slalom.

But Jenn does.
And here's Ozzi below.
(Unlike me.)

(In my defense, can you see how much the board rotates on its axles?
Take a closer look if you need to...)

The sport of carve boarding requires a few basic pieces of equipment:
 The board
 (unless you're Alec, who does everything barefoot)
A hill
and if you're me,
(A helmet might not be a bad idea either).

So for now, I have been banned from all carve boards and hills with lightposts, and I am the proud owner of one hot pink permanent (at least for 10 weeks), cast.

I think the pink suits me.