Monday, May 16

Safety equipment not optional...

I've been meaning to post a blog entry about why I have been absent so long.
I mean, I know you're still admiring my amazing quilt top from my last post, but really...3 weeks?
Even I know it's not that cute.

So, here's my excuse:
(Viewer discretion advised.)

(I'm sorry if these made you gag.
They made me gag.
I would show you the roadrash on my fanny but then I think you would never read my blog again.)

So there you have it.
I broke my wrist...with a side of roadrash.
Which I think is a pretty darn good excuse for not blogging.
Ever tried to type with a broken wrist?
Not easy.

In case you're wondering, here's how it happened:
A couple Fridays ago I went out to try a new sport my family has taken up.
It's called carve boarding.
(And no, that's not me on the board, it's my uber-talented friend, Jenn, who also happens to be coordinated).
Unlike me.
So off us girls went (Jenn, Roxy, and I) to a paved road that is gated and has grass on both sides.
The perfect place to learn...or so I thought.
The road also has large stone light posts every 20 yards or so and if you get going to fast, which I did, and your board gets speed wobbles, which mine did, it quickly turns into a giant asphalt slalom hill.

I don't slalom.

But Jenn does.
And here's Ozzi below.
(Unlike me.)

(In my defense, can you see how much the board rotates on its axles?
Take a closer look if you need to...)

The sport of carve boarding requires a few basic pieces of equipment:
 The board
 (unless you're Alec, who does everything barefoot)
A hill
and if you're me,
(A helmet might not be a bad idea either).

So for now, I have been banned from all carve boards and hills with lightposts, and I am the proud owner of one hot pink permanent (at least for 10 weeks), cast.

I think the pink suits me.


christa said...

Hey, at least you make that "wrist gaurd" look HOT!

mama of many said...

I am so proud of you for trying!!! You need a serious pat on the back for that. Looks ouchy!

Jenn Granum said...

Oh I still feel so bad for your poor wrist. You forgot to post that you got back on the board AFTER you broke your wrist. Big props with me. Well, we will try it again, in 10 weeks, IF Eric lets you ;)

Shauntelle said...

OUCH! Geoff told me about this after it happened, and I've been meaning to write you to ask about it. I'm sorry! Like Jenn said, way to go for trying! Brett loves to carveboard, and I've never done it because it sees hard, so way to go for trying.

Cassondra said...

I LOVE that you really live life to the fullest, Michelle! So sorry about your wrist, though! Good choice, going with the pink! :)