Saturday, January 29

I have a disorder.

It's called  Creative Schizophrenia.

And I've got it bad.

Some people think that I am a clean, organized type of person, which is sort of true, some of the time...but when I'm creating, all that type A personality stuff goes right out the window. 

I have discovered that I simply CANNOT work on one project at a time.
I flit from one project to another, stirring up a whirlwind of mess from one side of my studio 
(um, bedroom) to the other.

Personally, I like to think of it as a  beautiful disaster.

But then in the background, I hear my husband's voice,
"Help! Somebody call a doctor.
I've fallen into a pile of glitter and I can't get up!"

Christmas creations, part one...

It's after Christmas, I know, but I thought I'd share a few things that I worked on for the holidays.
 My girlfriend Lorraine and I organized a handmade ornament exchange party that we held at another girlfriend's house (Liz, bless her heart) in early December.

Let me just say, sooooooo much fun.
Loved seeing all of the creative ideas the ladies came up with.
And the food was delicious.
Of course.

These little numbers were fashioned after my friend Kathy's idea that I stole borrowed.
She owns Chic Antiques in Bellevue, Idaho.
Stop in if you're ever in the will not regret it. 
Just be prepared to spend a load--she's got great taste, that one.

I made 18 of these little dress ornaments, all a little different.

I just love Christmas.
The perfect excuse to create with abandon...