Saturday, November 27

Why I don't scrapbook...

Senecca's going away-to-college party took place back in September.
It's now November.


Three months behind...

 Marjorie Pay Hinckley once said, "I made a resolution to read my scriptures every day...I'm on day four and I'm only 3 days behind!"

We would have been good friends, Marjorie and I.

Meg, who is also attending BYUH was in attendance. As was Lisa, our Cafe des Amis lunch partner.

The girls' party favors.

Almost good enough to eat.

Meet Allison.
Senecca's roomy from last summer.
They have the funniest rat story EVER that I will share with you all someday.

For now, I'll share these beautiful flowers...and that handsome man in the background...with you instead.

And someday when I grow up and become responsible...

 I'm gonna be a scrapbooker.

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Shauntelle said...

Looks like a beautiful party. We love the crepes at Cafe de Amis. (I don't know if there's more than one of those cafes. I've been to one in Paia).

Oh, and that care package is so awesome! What a lucky girl!