Saturday, April 4

Who says all French men are rude?

I'm sorry. 

 I can't help myself any longer.  I simply MUST share a few of my favorite photos of France with you.  

 Eric and I have discovered the perfect antidote for guests that stay too long:
  a slide show of our trip to Europe. 

 We learned this after having unintentionally run off or put to sleep a number of close friends and relatives.  Lucky for you, I'm only going to share a few at a time.  I'll bore you to death in small doses.

  Kind of me, no?       

I had this thing for flower shops in Paris.  

London too.

Oh yeah, and in Switzerland.

Alright, alright.  In ALL of Europe. 

 I have more pictures of flowers than I do of my children growing up.  
(Forgive me kids.)

Sweet Sixteen in front of one of her favorite finds in Paris
 Look at the light fixtures in the window.  They're tutu's!  Have you ever seen anything more adorable?
 And take a closer look at the rows and rows of pointe shoes in the cubbies in the store.  Dreamy colors of pink and peach and ivory

One word.

 The French have such incredible style.  So many storefronts looked like they came right out of a photo-shoot.

Can I be French?

That's me on the left.  Fat, dumb, and happy.  Silly grin on my face.  Content to just soak it all in.

That's my girl on the right.  Studiously and seriously getting down to the business of making art in the city of light.  Doing what truly creative people do when surrounded by hundreds of years of art and architecture and culture.  

Who's happiest?

We're still arguing that point.

How can I not include a picture of the Eiffel Tower in our little tour of France?

And just in case you're wondering, there really is only one bathroom in the huge park surrounding this famous landmark.  And yes, they do shut it down to clean it for about an hour each day.  

The French are not really big on public facilities, if you know what I mean.
Not only do they possess incredible style, but they have the largest bladders on the planet.


Living proof that not all French men are rude.  
(Or short and fat and smelling of garlic, Marty!)

This guy was VERY friendly.

He was our waiter at a cute little cafe near Notre Dame.

I seriously contemplated having Christmas cards made up of this one.
 But I decided against it.

Far too much explaining to do later.


Idaho Sutters said...

Thanks for sharing all the great pictures. You are a great photographer btw. I'm glad to hear a little about your European tour from the fall. And no, you don't look fat.

Tana said...

Only you, in Hawaii, sharing fabulous photos of France. Can I please be you, forget being French. Just for one yummy vacation. T

sariah said...

That picture of Marty made me laugh! So what was he being all friendly about? Did he like getting cozy to explain the special of the day? :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't think you're fat or dumb=p

Anonymous said...

I like that picture. . . it's like something off of some movie. . .

sariah said...

I see my kids read your site too and I have to concur with mini-man- you are neither dumb nor fat! We miss you guys!

Michelle & Matt's Clan said...

Ahhh, France! Honestly, I like France better through your eyes than mine. That's why I think we should go there--you, me, my friend Tenney who speaks French very well and LOVES it and it looks like Tana too. Anyone else?

christa said...

HI MICHELLE!!! We need some more posting please. Gotta keep up on all the adventures---love it.

But mostly I need you to come home. . .I an in desperate need of a Michelle Consult STAT. I am moving my studio and need some design/functional tips. So I know I am being rediculously selfish but really I learned the "all about me" syndrome form Jenn--and you love her still. . .

Is is soon?? at least. None the less, I hope you and the fam have had a wonderful time--tell Senecca HI.

Love ya,

Beck Family said...

HI, I know your surprised to be hearing from me, I am the worst for not leaving a little note when I look at everyones wonderful blogs and even worse when it comes to calling. I have looked at you blog several times and have not taken the time to comment, then tonight the girls and I went out to eat with our hubbys and we were taliking about you and I just wanted to tell ya, that I miss ya and can't wait until you come back home for a few months. You are missed!!!! Love all the pitures from Europe. Post new pitures soon. Have a great day!

eastonc said...

Great pictures. You have a beautiful family, and your hands full.