Sunday, February 21

Want to have a fun family home evening?

Have a tie-tying lesson. 
With people who know nothing about tying ties.
Laugh at them.
Take pictures.
Put them on your blog.
Laugh some more.
Just don't make them mad.
Myyy, that's a long tie you've got there, mister.
Every month we get together with our friends Richard and Loraine and their son Kyler, who is Alec's age, for a family home evening lesson out of the Preach My Gospel manual to prepare our boys for serving a mission. Last month we thought it would be fun to learn how to tie ties, now that the boys are to the age where clip-on ties just don't hold the same appeal. We all gave it a go, but soon I retreated behind the lens of my camera to document this "coming of age" ritual for posterity.
Not because I couldn't tie a tie or anything.
It's not like it's rocket science.
 It went something like...the rabbit goes around the trunk of the tree, down into the hole, up and around again...

Oh fiddle. 


Your Life Uncommon said...

HAHAHAHA! I love that AND have to add that zipper ties are a REALLY good invention! :)

Jake and Cassondra said...

How fun!! That picture of Stockton is SOOO cute!

Shauntelle said...

I just came upon your blog the other day and I love it, Michelle! It's been fun seeing what you're up to. Love the tie pictures. :)

Idaho Sutters said...
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Suzy said...

We have often joked about not knowing how to tye a tie! :0) What a great and fun(ny) idea to have a FHE for it. Awesome pix :0) They made me smile!!!

Suzy said...

P.S. Can we get together & do this when Stockton & Ethan are preparing for their missions? Stocktons tie was priceless!!