Sunday, June 13

Part two: How to become a Farm Chicks groupie

What, you ask, is that?

Why, it's a cake, of course.

A 15 foot repurposed tin, glass, wire, galvanized sheet metal, Farm Chicks cake.

During the show, occasionally, over the intercom, would come the announcement,

 "Barbara, your husband is waiting for you at The Cake."

Barbara knew exactly what to make a beeline for. 

Or not.


Some of you may know of my obsession with Heather Bullard.
I stalk her online like a crazed hair band fan of the 80's.

Okay, maybe not like that. 

 But I do LOVE her blog, her photography, her online boutique, her chicken coop...

(By the way, if you haven't seen her chicken coop, you should, but be prepared for a nasty case of poultry envy. I don't even like chickens and I wanted some after I saw it.) 

So now you know the real reason I went to Farm Chicks.
(Sorry June and Lisa)

When I saw her, I did what I normally would NEVER do.

I asked if I could take my picture with her.

For those of you who know me, you know that that is sooooo out of character for me--
 I don't give a hoot about movie stars, sports stars, singers, or models.
I don't think I've asked for an autograph in my whole life.

But I must admit, I got a little verklempt at the first sight of her.

It was a MOMENT for me.

Isn't she beautiful?

(The fact that I'm even putting my wrinkled face up next to hers on this computer screen will tell you how starstruck I was.) 


And her booth...sigh...

A little slice of heaven.

There were so many vendors that were so great, it was almost hard to believe.

Like this gal from Retreat.

Just look at the details,
 right up to the tops of their tents.
(Did I just sound like Dr. Seuss?)

Take a look at these metallic Duncan Phype tables with upside-down galvanized trays on them.
Totally original.

I love it.

There was lots and lots of white and canvas and natural linen. 
 I was smitten.

The people watching was almost as much fun as antique shopping. 
I enjoy thinking that I would have enough moxie to wear dresses and boots, like these cute girls, but I've decided that I would have to be a vendor to get away with it. there's an idea...

And finally, the woman in the center of the photo below is Jo Packham, author of Where Women Create and Book of Inspiration, as well as editor-in-chief of Where Women Create magazine, and on the right is Serena Thompson, the author of The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen, A Farm Chicks Christmas (coming soon) and the original Farm Chicks founder. Jo was signing her new book and Serena just happened to be stopping by and was gracious enough to smile for a photo.

My final rockstar photo for this post:

Jo's new book.
Just for me.

I'm verklempt.


June said...

This is so cool Michelle! I love your pics. I am still kicking myself that I was a little shy about asking Heather for a picture. Hey, I would have loved a picture with her hunk of a man! I can't wait to see more. It's as good as being there...almost!

Suzy said...
hi Michelle! I just FB you a message about my other friend Michelle who has lots of wonderful DIY home decorating ideas. This is her link. Check it out when you get a chance! Wish I was there with you! ♥ and appreciate all the things people have created.

Idaho Sutters said...

We have to catch up before you leave!

*I made my family blog private. I would like to send you an invite to view. If you would like send me your email to my email: Thanks! : )

Tana said...

Silly Michelle, if only you could be "discovered" by someone with lots of money who could mass produce all your amazing ideas, photograph it all for a book, interview you (for background) and so your fan base could fall in love with the women behind the art. If only...then women would be lining up for pictures with you and I would be all..."Oh, Michelle Alberdi...we are dear, dear friends. Would you like my autograph too?"