Tuesday, June 1

What's the deal with burlap's funky smell?

If anyone can answer that one, I'd appreciate it.
Somehow it always seems to have a...well...odor...about it.
 A kind of petroleum, dieselish smell if you will.
In spite of this, I am quite taken with its textural quality. I think of ruddy cheeked French peasants when I see it and it makes me want to make
 garbage can liners
out of it.

Wait a minute, garbage can liners?

garbage can liners.

Beautiful, embellished, flowered garbage can liners. 

Don't try to understand it. 
Just go with it.

Oh yeah, and towel holders.

I can't help myself.
It's a sickness.


Amy Lindstrom ~ YourLifeUncommon.com said...

LOVE THEM!! Oh how I love them!

I think the burlap smell is from some sort of oil or something, but seriously, who knows?!

Hey! Would you mind if I reposted this as a craft idea on YLU? Oh Pretty Please?!

I mean, this AND your clipboards? :)

Wilson Family said...

I love your family home evening board! The clip board is sooooo cute! Seriously with your permission I want to copy it! Are you still living in Carey? We are in the Portland area and love it!

Michelle said...

Of course you may copy it. I'll send a few more pictures of the supplies and how-to's if you would like. I had planned on doing a tutorial but discovered that I was far too lazy to follow through on that. We actually are living in Maui for ten months of the year right now and are spending our summers in Carey, which is where we are right now. Portland sounds like a fun place to live. We drive there occasionally to fly to Maui--great airfares you know! You can email me at shell@svskylan.net if you want the pics. Take care!

Cassondra said...

You can make anything beautiful!! You may call it a sickness ;p, I call it a gift!!