Tuesday, February 1

Our (I mean, the boys) first bodyboarding/surfing competition.

The "dudes" waiting for the comp to begin.
Aren't they cute handsome?

Waxing the surfboard.
Very important if you want to stay on.

Ozzi getting some advice from his veteran surfing friend, Mack.

Ozzi getting "shacked".

Monkey see.
Monkey do.

Laird, Jr.

My sweet friend, Jenn, with Michael, another friend, in the background.

Owwwwwieeeeee...a rash...
 Why rashguards were invented.

Ozzi made it through to the semi-finals and ended with a fourth place finish.
Way to go guys.


Cassondra said...

How fun! Congrats Ozzie!

Shauntelle said...

That's awesome Ozzie did so well! I love your pictures.