Sunday, February 13

Tour Guide Barbie is "IN"...

I promised you all a long time ago that I would take you on a tour of the other rooms (all two of them) in our condo.
So, here are a few shots of the first room: My bedroom.
Which I cleaned just for you, by the way.

Our headboard is (was) an ugly metal piece that I slipcovered in a wheat colored linen because I couldn't stand looking at it anymore. I like how it turned out...
 Especially since it took about 5 minutes to make and cost about twenty bucks.

The ruffle throw is from Macy's.

The white quilt was an ebay find and I got this one for--get this--one measly dollar!
Seriously, the find of the decade.
Even if it did cost me $25 in shipping to get it here.
So worth it.
(I'm kinda falling in love with white quilts...I'll show you a project made out of them soon).

The black and cream ticking bedskirt is from favorite store on Maui (one of these days I'll take you on a tour'll's so great!)

And I love this ruffle pillow from Pier One.
It's sweet, soft, and creamy...

All of a sudden I'm hungry.

And just look at all these lovely ladies in their wool bathing suits.
(I think I feel an itch coming on...)

This is a view looking into our bathroom from our bedroom.
Which...has no door.
 So I hung a curtain.
(Look on the left).

My garbage can with the burlap liner with an old brooch (featured in a previous post) resides in my bedroom as well.

Hands down, favorite candle.
Japanese Quince.
Whatever that is.
Courtesy of Bella Bloom, a great little florist here on the island.

This little number is actually a kitchen island that I turned into my studio table so that I could have a little space to create stuff. 
Pretty stuff.

And in a corner resides a basket where I store the fabrics that I hope to turn into said pretty stuff someday.

A ribbon jar (crammed with ribbon) sits on top of my kitchen island-turned-studio-table.

A petite little slipcovered chair. 
Seriously petite.

Oh yes, and finally, 
my favorite part...
bikes hanging from the ceiling in the middle of my bedroom.

Did I mention that I have no garage?


deej said...

Where are the surf boards? I remember how cute your little abode was but was struck by the surf boards and Senecca's so cute bike with the fun basket! Hope we get to see you when we head your way . . . am so excited to think that your folks and us will be in "heaven" for a few overlapping days! Love your blog!

Cassondra said...

LOVE your bed AND the picture above it! Can't wait to see your final room! You inspire me.

sariah said...

You are amazing. No matter the size of your house you always seem to be clutterless! Where does Alex keep homeschool things? I guess by highschool it's just books. I still struggle with where to keep the games, paints, boxes, models, camping gear, projects, etc. But we're making do and it's becoming more and more normal. As long as I don't visit any one with a nice big house......