Saturday, May 12

I am the

Stockton wrote me a poem for Mother's Day.
It's called The Important Thing.

The Important Thing

The important thing about my mom is she is the
She tawte me alot of stuff.
She helps me thru things that are tough:
She comforts me.
She likes to ride bikes.
She never goes on a strike.
She makes good food.
She's always in a good mood.
The important thing about my mom is she is the

For real.
And I promise I'm gonna keep teaching you lots of things.
Like how to look cool riding a bike with big, fat tires and a wide grandma seat.
And how to cook a mean peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
I'm gonna teach you how to stay in a good mood even when you have three naughty boys who drag sand through your freshly cleaned house and dump their surfboards and towels on the living room floor then sit down on the couch to play xbox in their dripping wet swimsuits.
I'm gonna teach you not to go on strike.
No matter what.
And someday, if you're lucky...
I'm even gonna teach you how to spell.
Because I'm the
And that's how I roll.


Being A Mother Who Knows said...

Stockton is great. Olivia and I are glad you don't go on strike! That would be bad for a bombmom to do!

Yeah, about that Hawaii trip....Alex won a trip and we went to Kuaii and his company flew him there for his meetings. Sorry we missed you. I promise that I would of called if we went to Maui. : )

I can't believe you bought a house! You must be feeling like staying for reals and not just a REALLY long vacation..... Call me the next time you vacation in Carey. Can you believe we are finally building our house?

Suzy said...

that is the!!

Cassondra said...

That is the sweetest poem from your little man...and you are hilarious! Thank you for giving Jake and I a good laugh! We miss you and can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Shauntelle said...

Darling :)