Saturday, August 22

Early morning thoughts...

I woke up this morning at 5:00 a.m. for no good reason at all.  No seminary today.  No walking buddy waiting on me.  Just awake.  Thinking.  You know, that dreamy, guazy, can't-get-back-to- sleep thinking.  I like it.  Some of my best ideas, most profound thoughts, and greatest epiphanies come during these times.  I can't share what I thought specifically about this morning, it's too personal, but I can share what it made me feel.  
I feel so incredibly grateful for motherhood.  What an incredible gift we have been given as women.  The ability to create life.  A little God-like science experiment going on inside our bellies for 9 months--and then, presto!  A real-live human being.  Ten little fingers, ten little toes.  A body and spirit--ours to mould into a beautiful, moral,  intelligent soul.  Powerful and heady stuff.  
What I am most grateful for is that knowing that even when things don't turn out perfectly, when things don't go according to our plan, it will be okay.  Because there is Someone who is in charge of the real plan.  The best plan.  Not everyone can say that they know this.  I feel lucky to know what I know and to have been tutored at the knee of humble parents who knew and loved me enough to share this gift with me.  Blessings to them.


sariah said...

Hi Michelle!!

Your family came up in our discussion today- that actually happens quite a bit (the kids discussing how Stocky makes gun sounds, discussing which island you live on, etc. etc.) We miss you guys!

Tana said...

Such beautiful thoughts. I know what you mean about the early morning thoughts, even though ALL my early morning thoughts right now are about construction.