Tuesday, September 8

When in Rome...

You know what they say, "When in Rome, do what the Romans do..."
Well, in Maui, they paddle.

That's right, paddling. 
 Unlike canoeing, which is done in murky ponds and mountain lakes in Idaho.
Not one to be left out of all the fun, Child No. 3 has taken up paddling.


(He's the little brown speck in the 2nd seat from the front of the canoe.)

Take a look at the size of those paddles, would ya?

Awwwww, a hug from his coach for a job well done.  

It was fascinating to see all of the canoes lined up and the teams warming up and getting ready to go out.  The regatta was held in Lahaina and there were teams of all ages competing, from middle school age to adults.

  You should have seen the guns on some of those big guys paddle teams...

I'm thinking of signing up to get in shape... 

Yeah, right.
   I'm signing up just to watch!!!


Tana said...

Very cool! It's so great to absorb the culture of wherever you live, like here for example, fleece and a lab anyone?

sariah said...

That looks like something perfect for A.! What a great alternative to participating in swim team.