Saturday, October 10

What I've been up to...

It's no secret that I've been in a bit of a creative lull lately.
I blame it on the fact that my studio has shrunk to miniscule proportions.
(As in, it doesn't exist.)
And the fact that my poor man's studio--dining room table--will hold 3 dinner plates at a time with no room to spare, doesn't help. Seeing no change on the horizon, I finally schlepped my supplies out into the middle of the living room, stopped making excuses, and started sewing.
Several hours (and much sweat and tears, but no blood thank goodness) later, my new pillows were born.

I'm quite smitten with them. Of course, I'd be smitten with anything made out of linen. Especially white linen.
"It's my favorite," says the ten year old in me.
I love how it is wrinkly and heavy and drapes beautifully.
I'd eat it for breakfast if I could.

Oh yes, and buttons.
I love buttons too. Especially mother of pearl buttons.

I used buttons of all different sizes and shapes and shades because...
Because I could.
That's why.
That and the fact that I really hate things that match.
(It could explain why my fashion-conscious sixteen year old refuses to walk next to me at times.)


Jake and Cassondra said...

Beautiful Michelle!! I love the pillows! You have such great taste and style!

It was such a pleasant surprise to see your comment on our blog! Thank you! I didn't know you ever visited. I agree that blogging helps close the gap that comes with distance.

How are you?! Are you planning on Idaho for Christmas? We haven't firmed up plans because things have suddenly changed at work (Jake is now the sole owner) but I'm guessing it won't happen. SAD! We would both love to be up there!

I've been thinking about you lately because I am starting a Bagels & Books club with some of the ladies in my ward who are avid readers. We're going to get together one morning a month while the kids are in school and talk about whatever books we are reading and share recommendations. I'm excited about it! So the reason you've been on my mind is I'm wondering what your latest literary love has been? I'll have to give you a call sometime. I hope you are enjoying the holidays. i love the fall!
We're remembering Sawyer this time of year and hope you know how much we love your family!

Jake and Cassondra said...

P.S. That would have probably made a better email than blog comment - sorry ;)

sariah said...

Your pillows turned out so beautiful- clean and classic and fresh!

Anonymous said...

I miss you guys!!

Alec needs to post, and Ozzi needs a blog!