Monday, October 19

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Because it is SOOOOO hard to get into the holiday spirit in a place that feels like a truly endless summer (not complaining), I'm living vicariously through last years photos of last year's Halloween decorating extravaganza.

Somehow it just doesn't seem like Halloween without skulls, spiders, and brain-shaped rocks lying about the house.
Go figure.

This guy looks pretty real, doesn't he?
He scared a few people.
He would move in the wind.
(Not that it's windy very often in Idaho.)

I lied about not having any spiders here in Hawaii.
Actually there are spiders around here that look just like this, only they're brown and they're bigger.


Wishing you all a spooktacular Halloween...



Jake and Cassondra said...

Wow! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your decorating! Happy Halloween!

Suzy said...

You really should get paid for your creative mind/vision/attention to detail etc. . . Michelle! Love it-It's like a sophisticated, rustic Halloween feel.

June said...

Hi Michelle,
How are you??? I missed out on the opportunity to visit with you this summer and I'm sad that I didn't make the time to see you. It seemed like this summer was one big blur for me. I had so many kids home so much of the time, that when I had a few minutes to vegg I certainly took the moment. I know it was even busier for you. So many people to see and so many things to do in a short amount of time.
I love this darling Halloween decor! Boy do I need you here to help me decorate for the holidays. I always want to do something special and boy you should see what I do in my just never gets out of there somehow.
I love the linen pillows that you made...Gorgeous!
Well before this becomes a book, I want to wish you and your little ones and not so little ones, a Happy Halloween and tell you I miss you.