Monday, November 9

Out of the mouths of babes...

Stockton is learning to read and it's been a bit rough for both of us. After a particularly frustrating practice session, he turned to me and growled, "My wife WILL NOT know how to read!"
"Why on earth would you say that?" I asked him.
"So she can't say," he replied, adopting a high-pitched nasally girly voice, "My husband doesn't know how to read!"  

 He then proceeded to stomp out of the room.

After picking myself up off the floor where I collapsed in a fit of laughter, I knelt down to say a little prayer of thanks for funny little people and to petition the reading gods for a some help in this matter.

(More on how it's going later)


Idaho Sutters said...

Oh, good luck! Stockton is a riot. I hope the reading Gods hear your prayers. She you soon.

Oh!!! And thanks so much for the article. It's been very impactful and I can't wait to have a face to face discussion with you and Steph come December. I hope you can make time for us. Thank you. You are so thoughtful. Your picture is hanging on my refrigerator.

Rideout Family said...

I love it. I love the clever little things kids say. I also love that you thought to say a little prayer saying thank you for those times.

Jake and Cassondra said...

Hahahaha! He is hilarious!!!

Natalie said...

Just darling! Jed and I just got a huge kick out of this. It's awesome and hilarious that he's already thinking of his future wife.

I hope you keep an "archive" of the things he says (and your big kids too) cause those are seriously the funnest things to read.

Suzy said...

Michelle-that is too funny about his wife-isn't he 7? That reading bit can be really challenging. It's amazing to see how they progress! You are such a thoughtful, patient, loving mom, especially to remember to pray!