Monday, May 3

Art...books...a little slice of heaven.

I was in one of my favorite haunts the other day, and I came across this sweet little book and I just wanted to share. 
I thought it would make a great Mother's Day gift. 

This book begs a very important question...

Which I will answer now.

Mothers should make time to create art because...

...because that's what keeps us out of the looney bin!
That's why.

Besides the fact that this book is visually stunning, what I love most about it is that it approaches creativity in a way that is not at odds with the idea of being a mother (and a wife) first. It gives practical advice on how to fit in stolen moments of time to explore and create. I realize that not all women have the desire to paint or sew or craft, but I do believe that we are all endowed with the desire to create in some form or another.

 After all, isn't that what mothers really are?


It features several artist-mothers who share their secrets for integrating art into their normal, messy, laundry-laden lives. They too, have little unfinished masterpieces running around, demanding  attention.

Thing is...
They mother. 
They create. 
But they don't feel guilty about it.

They don't have to. 
They have priorities.


Imagine that.


Suzy said...

Funny story Michelle!!! ;0)I was in Borders last week and saw this book and you were the first person I thought of. If I was still your visiting teacher I would have bought it for ya!!

Amy Lindstrom ~ said...

LOVE IT! I totally want that book! It's going on the list! :)

By the way, Stockton inspired quite a thing in the Lindstrom Family. I will have to tell you more about it later....if someone doesn't beat me to it! :)

Melissa said...

I am sitting here with tears in my eyes! I have had huge urges to create, but have supressed them in order to fill my duties as mom, wife, daughter, friend, YW pres...yadda yadda yadda! However, I am finding myself "done" and not being able to do anymore! Thank you for sharing a wonderful find, and I pray that when I get this book(who knows how long it will take to get out here in the sticks)it will help me out of this yucky place I have put myself in! Love ya girl!

Tana said...

OOOOh please bring that book home with you on the plane so I can read it, hunched over your studio table, looking up occasionally to comment or to show a picture of a page I especially love.
Sure, I could by it but doesn't that sound way more fun?

Tana said...

Oh, sugar. I just finished reading the other comments including my first one...I spelled buy wrong AND (after reading Mellisa's insightful comment) realized I missed the point of the post in the first place... create... I can't help it, I just can't get the visual of the studio and the hunching out of my head.

I bet once I do that...then I will feel like creating once more.

christa said...

First of all, AMEN!! Second of all, HELP. I am trying to de-baby Ava's room..big girl bed and all that crap. I really hate it but I am trying to embrace my baby growing up by taking on a "project."

Here goes, I found the greatest vintage bed at my "beastie's" Emilie Jayne.. . .ohhhhh sugar, it's a gem. Buuuuut, I can't, for the life of me, find delicious vintageish, antiqueish, still little girlish bedding. Any suggestions oh queen of all things yummy??!!

Btw, miss you, can't wait to see you, love you....c
oh, tell Sen HI and I am excited to hear college stories....don't worry, I am stocking up on meds for you!

Tamra said...

I'm so glad I came across this post! I am a photographer and I often wonder if my art is at odds with being a mother in Zion. Thank you!

Natalie said...

Creating is EXACTLY what keeps me sane. I make so many things in the name of sanity I've started an Etsy shop.

(Etsy, you can tell your friend, is an excellent place to find vintage little girl bedding).

You have to devote a little part of you to creating, so that you keep up your skills and so that your children can see you as a whole person rather than their devoted slave.