Saturday, August 21

Move over, Dominos...

I've never been accused of being a great cook.

I come from a looooong line of food burners.

It is a long held tradition at my family's Thanksgiving dinners that we (the women in the kitchen) "flambe'" the marshmallow topped sweet potatoes not once, not twice, but three times before we get it right.

The secret of our success is to never, under any circumstances, use a timer.

We like to think that the smoke pouring out of the oven and the fire alarm ringing in the background brings an element of danger and excitement to a meal that is otherwise satisfying, yet somehow...dull.

Don't you think so too?

Speaking of food and family, I always get the urge to, burn stuff, when I get home to Idaho.

One night while the urge was strong, I wandered to the freezer which holds the remains of our 4-H pig, Winston (rest in peace, Winston) and guess what I found?


Which made me think of pizza.

Which reminded me that we had flatbread. And pesto. And olives. And peppers. And onions. And feta. And mushrooms. And artichokes. And provolone.

(heavenly choir singing here)


(Don't you just love how olives shine?)

Simple ingredients that just hang out in the refrigerator and pantry, waiting to be whipped into a
 culinary masterpiece.
 Okay, you can stop laughing now, Eric.

I must say...

It was delicious...

And easy...

And I only burned 2 of them before it came out perfect.


Cassondra said...

Delicious!!! Being a burner in the kitchen, also, I can appreciate the huge feeling of accomplishment that must have accompanied this pizza. I am SO impressed! (And I'm on my way to Costco to buy me some of that pesto-yum!)

Amy Lindstrom ~ said...

OH THE TORTURE!! I am still on a strictly chicken broth and jello diet. Still as in since Wednesday and no end in sight! UGH!

That looks so yummy! I am totally going to try it!

By the way, at the lake the other day we met Jenny Hanson. She knew you! We love her! So much fun! I am sure there will be a trip to Kimberly to see her in the near future! FUN!

June said...

Only two???? I'd say you did yourself proud Michelle. They look soooo delish!!!
I don't think my family would even know what to do with cookies that aren't burnt to a crisp. And this is why I am not Enrichment leader in my ward...well, it's not the only reason...
Miss you!

Tana said...

Two things: I miss you much and I love me some sausage (you know I do.)

Suzy said...

Food burner? Really? I don't believe you! ha ha You are so talented at so many things and that Pizza looks so yummy!

Shauntelle said...

Wow, that looks good. :)