Thursday, October 7

Coming up for air...

Is anybody still out there?

Just thought I'd let you know where I've been for the last month or so.

A vortex.
Yes, that's right.
A vortex.

I was sucked into the
early morning seminary
vortex, and I'm just now coming up for air.
It has been a crazy, life changing, beautiful, challenging, exhausting, glorious month.

And every day I am changed.

I have never known such intense tutoring by the Spirit, save the time that I had Sawyer here on earth with me. 

I just have one question...
Why is it that the Lord uses the hardest things in our lives to teach us?
Granted, studying for hours and getting up insanely early to teach a roomful of teenagers is not high on the list of major challenges in life, but c'mon, I mean
  4 a.m.?
How is that holy?

And yet, when I walk in that room with those kids,
 and the Spirit begins to open eyes and warm hearts
 (mostly mine)
something glorious happens.

And then I know.

This is God's work.

And I am lucky to be there.


Cassondra said...

Hello!! Glad to hear it's going well! I've missed you!

Also wondering how Stockton's primary songs are coming along ;)

Amy Lindstrom ~ said...

Oh Michelle! I wish I could sit in one of your classes! I am sure I could spend all day everyday with you and still have so much to learn!

I would LOVE to teach seminary. Hard...I've heard it is, but the spiritual growth. I LOVE when that happens!

Wendy said...

ahhhhhhhh!!!!! I am stressed thinking about it. Hey, do you homeschool? Somebody told me that you do. I have a question if you are....

deej said...

Oh do those kids know how blessed they are?! I can only imagine what kind of teacher you are . . . and am sure that many lives will be changed because of your spirit!

sariah said...

You are amazing and wonderful Michelle.

Shauntelle said...

What a trooper! I'm happy things are going well. I bet you're an amazing teacher. :)

Doralee said...

I've always thought it would be great to teach seminary! Is this your first year? I am sure that you are great! It is so important that our youth have dedicated seminary teachers.