Monday, October 11

I was sooooo wrong...

I always thought I could take a great family photo.

All I needed was
 a better camera,
some decent lighting,
a somewhat cool background,
and the ever elusive
cooperative warm bodies...

Then, surely then, I would be able to take a great photo of la familia.

I was
  so, so 

 Believe me, I tried.
It wasn't pretty.

Enter the magnificent Micha Wixom.
Photographer extraordinaire and owner of Shuttergirl Photography .

Talk about saving me from myself.

 you rock.


Cassondra said...

Wow! FANTASTIC, GORGEOUS pictures!! Your family is so beautiful - I am sure it was fun for your photographer to take your pictures!! I especially love the headshots - they turned out great!

Suzy said...

Good lookin family! Loved your dress and shoes Michelle. We need to get some professional pix taken once our family is complete and all here. Thanks for the sweet comments-you are a wonderful mother, woman and teacher. Thanks for sharing your thoughts in R.S. -always love hearing from you... and really appreciate all you and my hubby do as seminary teachers!!

June said...

Beautiful, beautiful in every way. Of course, it helps to have a beautiful family like yours to produce such fanastic family photos. Hey can I borrow your shoes????
Love you guys...

Shauntelle said...

You're right. Micha does rock! I've been a fan of hers for years. I love how your pictures turned out! The dress your wearing is so beautiful!