Friday, August 26

Of peonies, conversations, and creating...

I was looking through some photos that I took in my garden while I was home in Idaho for the summer and I came across these peony shots. Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE peonies? 
Hands down, my favorite flower.
Especially the light pink ones.
I miss peonies.

Which reminds me that I miss Senecca.
I especially miss our conversations.
The conversations that only come about because we've already spent a couple of hours together in comfortable silence.
These conversations start out with trivial tidbits that weave and bob and gain momentum as they course through a mountain of  shared experiences, places, friends, literature, thoughts, and feelings.

Conversations that eventually bring us back to where we started.
Comfortable silence.
Knowing silence.
Silence that says,
 "I love you and everything about you.
 You are safe with me. 
You are more precious than gold to me."

Senecca has been designing the most beautiful beach-inspired jewelry of late.
 The last time she was home in Maui we sat together and had one of those conversations while she worked on some of her designs. 

It was heavenly to be there together sifting and sorting and watching her beautiful hands at work.

I suppose that every mother and daughter has something that bonds them.
I have found that creating together has become the conduit for closeness for Sen and I.

We grab a few supplies, turn on the music, and begin our ritual.

Of course, not being one to let an opportunity pass without documentation, I grab my camera and start shooting.
"Mom," she says, "Stop it. Look at my nails. I soooo need a manicure before you take pictures."
And since I am such an accomodating soul, I ignore her and keep on shooting.

Because I don't want to waste a single minute of the time we have together.
I want to record it ALL.

While she renders works of art out of glass and shells and gold, I watch and wonder at this marvelous girl. 
And say a little prayer of gratitude for the memories we are creating together.

And marvel at her amazing, ethereal jewelry designs.

I have decided that I am the luckiest mother in the world.

Life is beautiful.


Shauntelle said...

Mother and daughter time is so precious. That's so wonderful that you spend time together creating. Her jewelry is beautiful!

Cassondra said...

You are an incredible mother. You are a beautiful woman. I am inspired by you. I hope that my girls will love me and open up to me like Senecca does with you. She, too, is incredible. What a perfect pair you are. :)

Amanda said...

Hi Michelle:
I don't know if you know or remember me but we lived in Bellevue for 5 years (prior to almost 2 years ago.) My husband has a job opportunity in HI so I am contacting all the people I know who have lived or live there now! This would be on O'ahu. Do you have friends or know of anyone who lives on there? I'm trying to get as much info as I can mainly on schools and homeschooling before we make our decision! Thanks so much!
Amanda Rand

Jenn Granum said...

Oh my - STOP! If I go crazy and start thinking I need another baby so I can have a mother/daughter bond as cute as yours and seneca's - I AM BLAMING YOU - and this sweet post ;)