Thursday, August 18

Our (Idaho) summer in pictures 2011

So much to do, so little time to record it all...

So here's just a little slice of our summer in Idaho.

Stocky sailing around the pond with grandpa:

Sweet little Ava:

Camping at Alturas Lake and Redfish Lake:

Fourth of July in Hailey:

Kelsey family reunion: 

My sweet mother:

Little critter on grandma's hill:

Breakfast with the cousins at our house:

Getting ready to raft the Salmon River:

Senecca and her honey, Danny:
(Yep, he's a cutie pie)

Out to dinner at Zou 75:
(Still sporting the eternal pink cast, sigh...)

Shopping with the girls in Boise for our birthday getaway:
(Yes, Christa, you're the look)

The lamp is cute, but you're cuter.
Just sayin'.

Can you say Cheese.......cake Factory?

So much more  fun was indulged in, but alas, the camera could not accompany me everywhere.
More later...


Cassondra said...

Still SO SAD we missed you guys and the beautiful Idaho summer!! Glad you had a wonderful time!

Suzy said...

hi Michelle
Glad to see ya bloggin again! Hope you enjoyed your summer as well! Miss all of you, and wish you were coming on our girls Oahu day next week.
My brother Lance lives on Oahu and he has a website called . . .he does custom art on surfboards, t-shirts, canvas prints etc. . .
You will find the majority of his T-shirts on his facebook page though. You can go to my facebook page and search for Lance Redding. it should come up. Hope to see you soon!