Friday, June 17

Summer...are you out there???

We (well, Stockton & I, anyway) have been joyfully anticipating our summer in Idaho...
...lazy days in the pond, hours of bouncing on the trampoline, frog-hunting, fort-building, picnics, camping, get the picture.
But Mother Nature decided to play a little trick on us.
A little bit of bait and switch, if you will.
We came home expecting this:

What we got was this:

Okay, okay, it wasn't quite this bad, but pretty darn close.

That whole global warming thing?
A lie.
Whoever believes in that nonsense has clearly never been to Idaho in the "summer".

But, alas, we're adapting.
Our Maui-thinned blood is thickening and we are hoping to replace our fleece and Uggs with more typical summer attire before we have to leave.

Speaking of adapting, we're also adopting.
Pets, that is.
These are our latest:

Meet Bambi and his sister.

After having the tree farm to themselves all winter, they're not quite sure what to make of us.
After engaging in a staring contest with us for a few minutes, they decided we weren't much of a threat and edged a bit closer onto the lawn.

The doe even had the nerve to chomp on my flowering crabapple trees. She was shooed away only to return about 15 minutes later for another snack.
 I'm not a fan of hers anymore.

Same evening, looking south over the tree farm.
Loved the sky.
And check out this rainbow that showed up a few minutes later.

And this is what I am hoping to find at the end of the rainbow...


I know you're out there...
please come to Idaho.


Suzy said...

Beautiful place Michelle! Love the pix. Hope you are having a nice summer so far:0)

Cassondra said...

Sooooooooo sad we missed you last weekend!! So sad.

What gorgeous pictures of your Idaho home. I hope we can join you before you head back to Hawaii...:)

Jenn Granum said...

It is SO beautiful there! Next year, we are going to sneek away with you and stay in your barn. Seriously, looks like your property was straight out of a country movie set. We MISS you guys! If Idaho summer keeps tricking you, then come home early! ;)